Dedicated Server Hosting: Facts you need to know about

Has your web site been getting numerous visits lately? If it has been off the charts then it’s probably the best time to get you an internet hosting service, one of which is the dedicated server. What exactly is a dedicated server and how is that going to help your web business? Well, this web server simply manages the site traffic in your web site plus upgrades the application and hardware in your web site but the advantages of having a dedicated server do not simply end there. Allow me to enlighten you more on this type of web hosting service and what an offshore dedicated server is.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated hosting servers  are simply just one type of internet hosting service available for lease or rent. This web service is leased for your exclusive use for your own web site or company. As mentioned above a dedicated server manages and plans site traffic into your web site and not to mention upgrades your web site’s hardware and applications.

This is particularly advantageous since a dedicated server has a huge amount of storage space on the hard disk and with a 24 hour 7 days a week technical support provided by your web server. Another advantage is getting to customize your own web server for it to fit your web site which of course would depend on the type of dedicated server you’d lease.

The types of dedicated servers available are as follows: unmanaged dedicated server (this is only advisable if you clearly know the basics in running your own server), managed dedicated server (some access to the web server is allowed by your service provider), self-managed dedicated server (same as a managed dedicated server where you get access to applications or properties of a web server by your service provider) and lastly a fully managed dedicated server (you have absolutely no access to the web server).

Offshore Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server web hosts also provide various types of dedicated servers and one of which is an offshore dedicated server which has the same advantages of a dedicated server. All offshore dedicated servers include the following: a web server that is completely offshore plus has got maximum performance and privacy, and unmetered bandwidth (2500 Mbps) with no hidden fees that gives you unmetered transfer plus unlimited traffic per month, an Ethernet port of 100 Mbps, a reliable network that is secured in a NOC, an uninterrupted power supply dual system, diesel-powered generator to back up your system, a fire containment system that is FM200 gas-based, plus 24 hours 7 days a week security and network monitoring. You even get live technical support available at any hour of the day.

Dedicated servers are exactly what your web site needs if you get a lot of site traffic and even with an dedicated server you get full upgrades for your web site keeping you at the top of the web business which is, of course, one thing you would want from a web server