How to optimize your website to be Mobile ready

In 2019, there is a strong trend that more and more users are spending more time on their mobile devices than on their desktop. The smartphones have transformed the way users look for information, and even shop. It is said that there are more people globally with a smartphone than people who own a computer. Hence, it is no surprise that many companies are starting to pour in their resources to optimize on their mobile display and mobile sites. Google has also stated in 2019 that they will be evaluating a site’s rankings based on the site’s mobile capabilities, and if one’s site isn’t mobile-friendly or mobile responsive, the chances of Google to rank the site highly will be low.

A mobile responsive site is one that is able to adjust to different screen sizes and is adjusts accordingly when the screen is adjusted. Companies must now optimize their website according to different mobile screen sizes and screen dimensions.

And that is why there is market for web development Singapore specialists.

Test Your Site

The first thing that you can start with is test your site if it is mobile-friendly according to Google. Use the Google’s mobile-friendly tool. One just simply needs to enter the site’s URL onto the free tool provided and run the test. If you receive the notification that your mobile page is not mobile-friendly, some common issues would be: your text is too small, your viewport is not set, your clickable elements are too close together, etc. This would already provide a quick guide as to where you should start optimizing for mobile.

Use a Responsive Website Theme

Nowadays most WordPress themes are fully responsive. Thus, do look through how your website will look on different screens and dimensions. Always make sure that you check on the selected theme and ensure that is responsive before installing. Most developers in charged on the theme will write that down in the theme’s description. Once you have found a theme, start to adjust the way it is presented in mobile. If your desktop view has a lot of content in the initial part followed by pictures, what you can do on mobile is to switch it up and ensure that not too much content is presented at the start and more pictures are presented instead.

GetA Right Web Host

Choosing the right web hosting provider is one of the most important decision that one can make. If your plan does not allow your website to have a fast loading speed, the chances of your website to perform on mobile well will be extremely low. The moment your users have to wait for more than 3 seconds, the higher the chances of them leaving your site immediately. Speed really is critical in determining users’ time on site. One of the best options available is to go with a VPS hosting plan, which offers high performance and minimal downtime. You can also consider going for a managed dedicated server which is a server that is not shared among other websites and is dedicated specifically for your website.

Loading Speed

Speaking about optimizing on mobile speed, there are many opportunities for optimization. You can start by compressing your images so that your website will not be slowed down by attempting to load large image file sizes. For more optimizing opportunities, you can simply look for the several free programs on the net and get them to check on your site’s speed and many of them will provide a free report on the several reasons why your site is loading slowly and what to improve on.