Graphic Design Vs. Web Design

There is a frequently asked question of which maybe you are aware regarding what is the difference between graphic designing and web designing. Well previously, I also was not aware of the difference between these two fields. Still, as gradually I came to know about some design terminologies such as User eXperience vs. Artificial intelligence ( US vs. AI), Artificial intelligence vs. Interaction Design ( AI vs. IxD). Flat design vs. Material design, these terminologies helped me a lot to get some points regarding graphic designs and web designs. Each term presented above has a different profession. If you want any information regarding web design, you can visit web design toronto, where you can find the best solution for any of your web design queries.

Well, there are vast dissimilarities between graphic design and web design, but still, many people are confused regarding it. For them, this article will be very beneficial because you can easily discriminate between these two fields at the end of this. Although these two fields are very creative, these two fields are usually misunderstood by the layman who refers to them as “art workers.” One of the most important factors which is the key to confusion between graphic and web design is their tool. In both, almost the same designing tool is used, but their outcome is different, which has to be understood.

What is web design? 

Web designing is a field that mainly deals with the production and maintenance of the website, which plays a significant role in today’s business strategies in which digital marketing is a much important factor. In web designing, all the strategies regarding building traffic flow to the website, such as SEO, are also performed. There are multiple areas present in web designing such as web graphic designing, interface designing, user experience design and search engine optimization that is SEO, etc. in the field of web designing, many people work in teams to cover different aspects of it, and some people do all work on their own.

What is graphic designing? 

Graphic designing is a professional and academic discipline which is also known as visual communication design and editorial design, whose main job is to develop visual communications through videos, photography, and illustrations, etc., in which a message is conveyed to people carrying specific objectives. Hence it is a comprehensive branch of design whose base and objectively move around the connotation of the problem and the determination of intention for decision-making using digital tools.

Difference between web design and graphic design

  1. Visual elements
  • Colors

There is a vast difference between the color mode of graphic design and web design because of its dependency on printing. The most common color mode used in graphic design is CMYK because the color pattern used in graphic design is usually more focused on visual impacts and visual flow guidance. In contrast to web design, RGB is usually used because of its special imaging mode, which mainly focuses on eliminating correlation between informative structures. The use of this significant color pattern in web designing prevents visual fatigue for website users due to high-intensity colors on the website.

  • Fonts

In graphic designing, you do not have to take extra precautions regarding font style; in graphic design, you are free to use any type of font regardless of its outcome because all the text will eventually work as coding for graphics implementation. While in the case of web designing, you should have to be more careful about fonts because otherwise, it will make the server heavier. For example, if you are an HTML user, then all fonts should be the same as your operating system. But as now with the more advanced technology, this issue has been solved.

  1. Presentation method 
  • Presentation

In the graphic designing presentation, the model is usually static, while in web design, dynamic elements are usually used, which makes the website more lively through visual effects.

  • Visual focus

In graphic design, the visual focus should have to be more intuitive. On the other hand, in web design, you are limited to the screen; therefore, you should have to summarize essential information on the first screen. If we compare the integrity of both web design and graphic design, then you will find it weaker in web designing.

  1. Browse mode 

Browsing of graphic designing and web designing is entirely different. In graphic designing, the whole process can not be presented sequentially; you can browse it only in the step-by-step pattern. In web designing, you have the navigation bar through which you can freely scroll the screen, and there are also multiple links present through which you can browse more details. This shows that web design offers you more options to comprehend the information as compared to graphic design.

  1. Information spreading 

Graphic designing is an old form of information spreading design. The methods in graphic designing through which information spread happens are mail, sales, posting, and different forms of communication. This type of information spread is only beneficial for compact ranges with high costs. On the other hand, the ability of web design to circulate information is much stronger as compared to graphic design but depends on the support of third-party media. If we talk about acceptability criteria, it shows that different ages mostly accept graphic design while web design does not target people of all ages.

The difference in job responsibilities between web design and graphic design

  • Web design
  • A web designer should have a strong connection with the audience
  • He should be capable of handling many technologies such as coding and editing
  • A web designer should be capable of integrating engineering methodologies in their designs.
  • He should be experienced enough to predict the market response to his product.
  • A web designer should have enough skill to produce a design that works on multiple mediums such as tablets, laptops, etc.
  • Graphic design
  • His mind should have been trained through creative ideas, which are very important in graphic design.
  • Capable of producing such designs through which message can be conveyed to the audience.
  • He should be skillful enough to portray the main point of view in their designs.
  • A graphic designer must be competent in many art forms, such as drawing with pen and paper.

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