Is The Trending Affiliate Marketing Guru John Crestani Legit?

There’s a lot of talking today about the work of this person. Some say he’s a fraud others claim he helped them make thousands of dollars.

In this article, we’ll try to break the dogma and see if something is going on behind this guy. Is it a fraud? Is he legit? Does he really make money out of what he says he is? Does he sell his knowledge that’s worth nothing more than spending time in front of the computer? Read on and find out!

Who’s John Crestani and what does he do?

First things first, right? Who’s John Crestani? This is a person who realized that success comes to those who work hard but also take chances. At the age of 21, he got himself into a scandal when he revealed the answers to the tests of his university to everyone ready to pay.

He got kicked out but he learned a valuable lesson. Knowledge is power because it can pay off. Since then, he tried many different start-ups but none of them worked the way he wanted. Most of them were destined to fail. He wasn’t ready to shine.

Then, at the age of 22, he got a job in marketing. He was a pay-per-click salesman and he did so well that he made huge profits to the company working in. When he asked for a raise the boss turned him down, so he quit his job.

John started to travel around the world with the little money he had. He was looking for an inspiration when he suddenly found a book in Thailand called The 4-hour Workweek. This book changed his life because it inspired him to start the affiliate marketing business that brings him almost $500.000 every month.

Now, he spends most of his time traveling and teaching other people to take the method that made him successful. He makes courses that helped thousands of people stay at home and work while earning lots of money.

To get there, he worked day and night in the beginning. He made a system for the best promotion of his affiliate marketing. What he did is not just sell things over the internet, but he made a network of people working with him and sharing the earned money. Learn what affiliate marketing is on this link.

Soon, all those people that worked for him also created a network of their own. Now they are becoming top-notch affiliate companies selling things while others do their previous job. In a way, working hard, and helping others under him to get more money – made him a millionaire.

Can you get rich from his programs?

Of course, if he could do it, you can do it too. He’s not some kind of a genius that can calculate the odds on the market and which stock is going to fall or rise. He’s a normal person like everyone else, with an idea and the ability to make it real.

To do it, you need to listen to his courses and see what he has to say about it. All of his teachings are based on the experience he got over the years working on affiliate marketing. You’ll learn all about the story and you’ll learn what you need to do to go on the same road as he did.

Some people are trying to say that what he’s doing is actually the pyramidal scheme fraud. This is completely right, just without the fraud part.

The pyramidal scheme fraud is based on giving money to the person above and not doing almost nothing. It’s a system in which does on the bottom will only give money but will get nothing in return. This is not the case.

What you’re doing here is getting into the business with the help of the person responsible for you. Once you learn how to do it all you start making money. You’re not going to get rich overnight. You’ll have to work. Selling items or whatever it is that you’re going to sell is going to get you higher. The other people will only give you a push until you make so much that you can relax.

All this is completely legal. There’s no stealing, no lying, you get the facts in front and you can choose if you want to be a part of this organization. So, to conclude until here, John Crestani is definitely legit.

Is it worth the time?

For those that are struggling with money in their lives, this is a great opportunity. Those who hate working from 9 to 5 too. Not everyone is able to drive to work every day, sit behind a desk, go home at the end of the day and be happy. Some of us like to work from the commodity of our home, work by the pool from our laptop and do it whenever we want.

It is definitely worth your time because it is not something that will tie you forever. You’re not getting into a secret cult that will hold you hostage. You can get out any time you want and stop working any second when you don’t feel like it. So, yes, it’s worth your time.


John Crestani is legit and not only he is, but he can also help you become rich beyond your imagination if you’re ready to work and be patient.

Nothing good comes without effort so you can’t expect that this is going to give you a shower of dollar bills, but if you work properly and do it without rest, be sure that soon you’ll have so much that the new Ferrari will be something you can definitely afford. See more about hard work here:

Follow your dreams and start creating your own business today. Many tried but not everyone succeeded. It’s up to you what path you’re going to take. The one where hard work pays off, or the one where you’ll rest and have nothing.