Link Building: Methods & Practices

Many Methods & Practices can be adopted for effective Link Building for your website. You certainly have to choose the right methods and practices that suit your business or website because one size that doesn’t fit all. The process of placing your website URLs in innumerable relevant external sites in various websites is called Link Building. The quality of content in the external sites is the key to get backlink clicks to your website and determine your web page’s Page Authority. If you are having a E-commerce website, the backlinking websites should have articles and posts pertaining to the products in your E-commerce website. If such content is not having anything related to your products, the backlinks are poor and do not contribute to your sites SEO scores. These are the fundamentals of good Link Building.

As regards the methods and practices, the choice should be relevant to your website category rather than picking at random. Every signal link has a positive or a negative impact on your SEO scores. Let us pick some methods and practices and see they help you build your brand online.

Keep an Active Blog

Blog Posts are usually considered technically less serious than other many content forms such as Articles, Case Studies and White Papers in their tone and context. Because of this, the Blog Posts appeal to a larger User base than other forms of content. As Blogs are easy to create and many basic versions of blogs come at free of cost, they are popular among content marketers. Without much technical knowledge, anybody can create it and not much maintenance is require such as server costs.

You can pick a free or paid theme or template suited to your business category and can create a Blog for yourself. If you are a content writer yourself or can engage a team of writers, you can post a series of blog posts on topics related to your website and place your website links called backlinks within the blog content. To do this, you need to understand keywords and SEO basics. Then only your efforts at creating a Blog and writing and posting regular Blog Posts will give you expected Link Building results. If SEO writing and promotion is not your not your cup of tea, you better engage a Professional SEO Link Building Expert and/or SEO Content Writer to get your Blog Posting work done.

Blog Posting, a part of SEO Content Marketing and an important Perfect Link Building Services method, gives terrific results when proper research is done and executed.

Link your Suppliers’ Sites

If you are a trader or a dealer, you can request your Suppliers to give backlinks to their relevant products’ pages in your website. As a manufacturer, his website could be having good history and enjoy top search engine rankings for his various keyword phrases including broad product category keywords, informative keywords, brand keywords, conversion keywords, location keywords and niche keywords.

There are some ways to get the links from the manufacturer’s site. Study the manufacturer’s site thoroughly page by page, section by section and category by category. Then, you can write to them a comprehensive letter of course by email stating the opportunities and ways of Link Building. He will be pleased to oblige your request because of the mutual benefits and provide you with the backlinks forthwith. Contact Us

If your manufacturer’s site has a separate blog, write a set of blog posts and request him to publish make them in his company/brand blog page to get more backlinks and traffic. Ensure that the manufacturer includes your brand name in the right portions of your content where the customers are likely to click through and come to your website. All along, make sure your Backlinks are prominently visible, backlinks have proper Anchor Texts, links are working, relevant keywords are used and content is used contextually.

More than traffic, placing your backlinks on the manufacturer’s site will add credibility to your business and contributes to your website SEO.

Quality Guest Posting

Guest Posting is one of the most common and effective ways of Link building. The process of Guest Posting is as follows:

  •         Do a search in Google for keyword phrase such as “Write for us” and you will find websites that are willing to accept Guest Posts.
  •         Prepare a list of such websites and fileter them according to their worthiness, Domain Authority scores, locality and relativity to your business/website
  •         Write to the owners/authors/administrators of websites and blogs whose content is related to your niche business category.
  •         Make sure that you are designing the post according to their publishing guidelines.
  •         Always write an excellent post that can be backlinked to your website..
  •         Ensure that you use proper keywords, Anchor Texts and active links before sharing your content with the website/blog owners.

Put Third Party Links in Your Blog

Linking the other websites from your blog is not a bad Link Building method though. Like having other websites have your backlinks in them, you can place third party URLs in your website. URLs and Brand Mentions of popular companies and brands By going this, you will get the attention of other webmasters also. Having the links of other brands increases your websites’ prospects of appearing in top search engine results and enhances traffic to your website. All that matters here is the links and the content have to be good.

Get Published on Media Websites

On the overall consumption of digital content, media content occupies the major part. Digital Marketing and Advertising is all about getting your Brand across to your target audience and getting as many visitors as possible to your website. The straight answer to the question ‘Will a Media Website be a suitable and effective for Link Building? – is a definite YES. Media Websites such as Online News Portals or YouTube Channels or Social Pages enjoy huge fan following and insurmountable traffic with a large subscriber base.

Many Media Websites offer branding and content promotion opportunities such as Paid Ad Banners, Advertorials, Guest Write-ups, & Columns, Journalistic Articles, Expert Write-ups, etc. These Methods and Practices can be used to promote your website effectively and powerfully.

You can consider taking a holistic package that includes a series of article publication, ad banners, advertorials and expert write-ups stretching over a period of time.

Working with YouTube Influencers

Many Freelancers have turned to YouTube these days and post their videos day-in and day-out on all and sundry subjects. The fact that YouTube has grown to be second most used search engines only next to their parent brand Google, YouTube has become one of the most bustling spaces currently on the Internet now.

For a brand or a website, YouTube is both a marketplace and a media. The kind of reach and benefits that your brand can achieve through YouTube is dependent on how your promotions are. One of the best ways to get the best of YouTube promotion is engaging the YouTube Influencers. These Influencers talk about your brand, run a show involving your brand, have your website links published in their description, post your ads and also may wear your t-shirts when you sponsor their events and/or take a bulk advertisement package.


Though we discussed few Methods & Practices for you to consider adopting, the real fact is there is not one way multiple ways you can go about doing Link Building. The only thing you will have to bear in mind before adopting one or more Methods and Practices is understand them, master them, practically implement them patiently and follow the SEO standards, search engine rules, match algorithm needs and strategy steps strictly. The results follow naturally.

To start with, you have to take a list of all necessary tools and decide how to use them efficiently in your Link Building process. On the other hand, if you first start the process and try to find the tools on the go, you will lose time learning each tool and your promotional schedule will be affected. You have to do other preparations also such as creating a priority list of tasks, getting the keywords, Anchor Texts, submission links, blog titles, list of backlink submission websites and online platforms., et al. If you have it all ready, your SEO success will be at a stone throw.

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