Home Improvement Industries: SEO And Marketing Strategies

Is a well-established SEO and Digital Media Marketing agency. We specialize in helping clients succeed in the highly competitive home improvement industry. It can be challenging to get into this market, which is large and diverse. Through years of experience working with Home Improvement companies, we have a deep understanding of how to stand out and excel in this highly competitive market. You will need to incorporate SEO Marketing and Digital Media strategies into your business if you want to grow your business and compete with the surrounding interior design firms, architects, and suppliers. We have separated the four major niches of the Home Improvement Industry into distinct categories: Interior Design, Architecture, and Suppliers.

Interior Design

We have worked with interior designers to discover what marketing strategies work best, the most efficient and current platforms, and who is the ideal target audience for a company. We also know which angles are not attracting the attention we want. We have developed a comprehensive interior marketing strategy that can be used by all design groups. This is based on years of experience and trial and error. Each project is unique and we approach it with a new perspective. There is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy.

  • Website – A strong, compelling website is the best marketing platform for any design company. Your website is your “ground zero” and should reflect your tastes and be as pleasing as possible. Your website is your digital brochure that showcases your amazing designs and capabilities. Search Engine Optimization for Interior Designers has a powerful effect on driving traffic to your website. Your clients will appreciate your written content. It will make their interior design websites look great and show that you are passionate about the industry.
  • Social Media – These social media platforms, such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz, are crucial in building your brand and connecting with your clients. These platforms allow clients to connect with you and your business through a personal approach. You can increase your credibility by posting before and after photos, videos of the transformations, and client testimonials.
  • Trust – testimonials and quality photos are great ways to build trust and raise your credibility.
  • Understand Your Market-Understanding the market is crucial. Your marketing strategy may be too broad and you could end up losing your target market to a multitude of other design firms. It is important to identify your target audience and then outline a plan of action.


The modern architectural scene is about breaking the mold, creating unique buildings, and bringing personality to each project. People who value artistic integrity and individuality are your client base. This is the angle you should use to cater to your targeted audience. There are many quality architects out there, so you will need to stand out from the crowd by leveraging your strengths, creating lasting client relationships, and providing sought-after services like sustainable architectural designs or green material sourcing.

  • Website –Architectural firms and designers should have a strong and compelling website that displays quality images of past works. Video of past projects is a good indicator of the skill and aesthetic of an architect. SEO for architects is another important aspect of getting your business noticed and ranking well on Google search pages. This exposure can be achieved through written content, blog posts, and listicles that encourage engagement with your audience.
  • Client Testimonials – Keeping in mind the fact that most architects’ businesses survive on referrals from clients, you should have a page on your website dedicated to testimonials or name-dropping. This increases your credibility and generates interest in your services.
  • Use Platforms- Position your company in a strong market position by using consistent social media and mediums like Pinterest and Houzz. Whenever possible, increase the quality of your PR/Editorial content.


The suppliers are the heart of the Home Improvement Industry. Without reliable suppliers, none of these amazing design ideas would come to fruition. This position can be used to increase the value of your supply business and to become a valuable resource for designers, contractors, and architects.

  • Online Shopping Cart – This is the most crucial aspect of any supplied business in today’s digital age. Online shopping is more popular than any other media by a wide margin. Your supply company will be able to offer 24/7 shopping and easy transactions for customers if it has an online shopping cart. Your company’s success is possible only by knowing the basics of Google Shopping.
  • Ecommerce- Building a great eCommerce website is essential to your business’s survival.


Selling construction services involves building trust with potential customers, sharing amazing testimonials, using quality materials, and being consistent in professionalism. There is plenty of competition in the construction industry, but there are many unprofessional teams still trying to get the same clients as you. How do you stand out in this highly saturated market? Employ a solid digital market strategy.

  • Use strong visuals to attract potential clients. This includes videos of the building process and before and after photos. It also covers any industry screen time (HGTV, etc.) and stunning blueprint shots.
  • Flexibility- To be competitive in this field, your construction company must be capable and ready to tackle any project you are given. You can make a significant impact by displaying examples of your past work, as well as written blogs that will benefit your SEO purposes.
  • Professionalism- Share your company’s values with clients and make sure that the job site is kept clean at the end of each day. Refer past clients to your company and thank them for their great work.

This post was written by a specialist at Contractor Marketing Gurus. With countless case studies, client testimonials, and references we have proven time and time again to achieve the best results in the contracting space! Contractor Marketing Gurus identify your audience, designs and create attractive posts, run advertisements and campaigns, and provides you with the best contractor lead service. For more information contact us today!

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